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Research and development

aBOOKFORGE computer system for audio-books creating and scoring
Computer system aBookForge serves to voice arbitrary text files in real time mode and to create audio files.

Algorithms and software for interbank payments clearing

Algorithms and software serve to form the subset of the payments conducted in payment system of country’s central bank or a big region’s central bank. It serves to conduct interbank clearing for relatively small amounts of finances reserved by banks.

Automated decision support system for differential immune marker diagnostics of leukaemia and lymphomas («Dif-L» DSS))
Full-fledged and prompt analysis of immunophenotyping results, aimed at differential diagnostics of leukaemia and lymphomas, providing the validity of medical decisions

CLTT system of throughout design of functional units of super great integrated scheme (VLSI) on the basis of programmed macroelements
CLTT system is designed for layered topology of macroelements such as programmed logic matrixes, regular matrix schemes with a successive connection of transistors and circuits of permanent storage devices. The system places them on the VLSI crystal.

Computer support system of preoperative planning in orthopedics and traumatology
The system is designed for planning and carrying out preliminary orthopedic surgery on a virtual model.

Corporate grid-network
Providing a flexible, secure, coordinated utilization of resources combined with UNICORE intermediate software, designated computational resources (including personal computers) and storage resources for the solutions of urgent tasks of industry or organization.

Decision support system for the design of power hydromechanical transmissions
The system is designed to determine the rational values of the main design parameters of different power hydromechanical transmissions Developer company: The United Institute for Informatics Problems of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

Diskan-M hardware and software complexes
Fragmentary input of wide-screen documents from hard and flexible mediums. Windows XP (and newer) OS, 300-600 dpi scan resolution, size A0 scan time takes 15-20 minutes. Topographic plan scan time takes no more than 5 minutes.

Electronic models and methods of computer modeling and analysis of continuous medium streams to improve combine harvesters’ efficiency in grain cleaning processes
Development of techniques of computer modeling and continuous medium flows analysis, the development and implementation of numerical algorithms of computer modeling and nonlinear analysis of air flow impact on the heterogeneous grain mass on the basis of software packages designed to improve combine harvesters’ efficiency in grain cleaning processes.

High-speed device for data cryptographic security
Guaranteeing the  security and integrity of data conveyed through public communications network based on IP protocols.

Information system of internet-monitoring of Space publications and information support of the works on Space devices reliability and operability
The search and accumulation of Space subject publications in specialized data bases to provide information support of the works on Space devices reliability and operability. Operating systems -Windows 7 and higher, 3.5 NET framework, MySQL.

Information-analytical system for intelligent search and processing of scientific technical information
The system is designed for Internet, local network and PC information search with adaptation to its information needs and possibility of automatic abstracting of text files processing in multilingual environment.

Libraries activity automation corporate system based on BIT-2000u Internet technologies
BIT-2000u system is intended to create corporate automated library and information systems (ALIS). The system is fully compatible with UNIMARC-, BELMARC- RUSMARC- formats of presentation of bibliographic records in libraries electronic catalogs. The system includes means of automation of library traditional processes. In addition, it includes on-line public access catalogue (OPAC) with documents remote order, both local and remote online cataloging the documents and online import of records from remote catalogues.

Methods and technology of modeling in the National Grid Segment the strength properties of the structural elements of heavy vehicles
The technology has been designed to minimize the ground tests, to improve the quality of design by creating the program, technical and network infrastructure of information exchange of participants of the "UIIP-MWTP virtual organization. The infrastructure can solve the problem of modeling the strength properties and finishing the elements of heavy vehicles design in the National Grid Segment computing environment.

Methods and technology of virtual static and dynamic testing of passive safety system of trucks and forest machines cabins
The methods have been designed to conduct more virtual static and dynamic tests of the passive safety system of trucks and forest machines cabins to minimize the number of full-scale tests. The tests are being conducted to check the compliance of safety system with complex international and domestic standards (STB ISO 3471-2001, State Standard ISO 3449-2005, STB ISO 8082-2004, STB ISO 8083-2001) and for the subsequent refining and improving of the design.

Personal supercomputer with minimized noise level
The product has been designed for solutions of science intensive problems of various areas of the economy (industry, science and education, social sphere) that require processing power of 1-5 teraflops.

Software and hardware tools to process, storage, search, and provide data of earth remote sensing with the use of cluster and SKIF supercomputer technologies resources
The product has been designed to process and storage the large amounts of remote sensing data (ERS) on parallel high-performance systems.

Software and technical means of input and processing of remote sensing data and cartographic documents
Software and Information Center (SIC) of online processing of remote sensing data and analysis of the "MODEL-K ("MODEL-K" SIC) area has been designed for the prompt processing of remote sensing data and to provide consumers with information to solve applied problems: land and urban cadastre, land and forests use monitoring, creation and updating of digital maps and plans, decision-making in emergency situations.

Supercomputer systems of hybrid architecture
The systems have been designed for solution of high-tech problems in different areas of the economy: industry, science and education, social sphere.

The integrated automated system of electronic depository of scientific journals, deposition of manuscripts and dissemination of scientific papers
The integrated automated system of electronic depository of scientific journals, deposition of manuscripts and dissemination of scientific papers is designed for automation of technological processes in the development and maintenance of magazines depositories and deposited manuscripts. The system also searches for and to provides Internet access to abstracts and full text scientific articles from the depositories for different categories of users. http://depository.bas-net.by  

The system “Electronic document”
Creation of: the system for documenting of administrative and engineering  solutions; electronic information domain for company documents; interactive technical manuals of a product.

Virtual 3D objects stereovisualisation hardware and software complex.
3D content on liquid crystal monitors viewing. Converting 2D monitor into stereo device using optical active filter, polarized glasses and stereo mate images interlaced matching program. Stereovisualization characteristics are matched to individual ophthalmologic signs and ensure comfortable perception of compound 3D objects and reduction the burden of eyes’ adaptive system. Windows XP (and higher).