UIIP NASB - The Open Lab of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
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The Open Lab of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

The Open Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics was created as a research and educational center for collective use in 2017 on the basis of the OIPI NAS of Belarus and with the support of the Science Around Us Charitable Foundation.

The main goals of the Open Laboratory are to conduct modern research in the field of artificial intelligence and robotics.

Main tasks

1. Involvement of students, undergraduates and postgraduates in scientific and industrial projects related to current areas of robotics and artificial intelligence.

2. Providing support in the implementation of course and diploma projects of students, undergraduates and graduate students.

3. Organizing school visits to the laboratory and giving them the opportunity to participate in practical and virtual experiments.

4. Study of the problems of navigation of robotic complexes in rooms (Indoor Planing) and in open areas (Outdoor Planing)

5. Solving the problems of mapping the terrain (Mapping)

6. Questions of interaction of robots in the framework of multi-agent systems (Multiagent Systems).

7. Various applied projects related to the development of intelligent systems.

The laboratory studies the problems of navigation of robotic complexes in rooms and in open areas, mapping the terrain, interaction of robots within multi-agent systems, the formation and use of knowledge bases (formalized and non-formalized) and various applied projects related to the development of intelligent systems for automating the service sector and agriculture. 6 workplaces equipped with personal computers with monitors were created to conduct scientific research and organize a small experimental site in the laboratory. The laboratory has a 3D printer and a milling machine intended for office use, a multichannel oscilloscope, a soldering station, a cutting table with tools, precise power supplies and multimeters. A small production area has been equipped, where prototypes and real models of robotic devices can be made. To test the developed robotic devices, as well as to receive feedback from potential users, the open group lectures were organized within the laboratory with the possibility of demonstrating both their own and other available robots for various purposes.


This section provides information about the activities of the laboratory, scientific and educational projects, participants, topics and examples of completed and protected qualification works of students and works that are in progress.

InMoov is an open source project to develop the anthropomorphic robot built from 3D-printed plastic housing components and controlled by microcontrollers. InMoov is able to perceive sound, see, speak and move independently. The robot is able to identify its environment via built-in micro cameras, to recognize the voice commands issued by the owner. InMoov allows you to see and analyze the 3D space of the robot environment via a variety of sensors, PIR and 3D, and the presence of Kinect.

Through the use of open source technologies and open source components, many developers have modified InMoov to extend its functions that will be used as the basis for many types of development. Artificial recognition programs are the most ambitious, since the robot includes a micro-camera, sensors, a motion system and the ability to connect to any computer on its platform.

Considering the importance of the anthropomorphic robotics direction development in Belarus, the specialists of the Open Laboratory have also taken part in the development of this project since the end of 2017. Having their own rich experience in the development of electro-mechanical assemblies and control systems for robotic devices, the laboratory staff creates a complete software and hardware complex based on the original drawings of InMoov. The complex is aimed not only at the development, but also at further maintenance and use of the anthropomorphic robot for research and educational purposes.

Educational process

The open laboratory of artificial intelligence and robotics is intended for the implementation of scientific projects of schoolchildren, students, undergraduates, postgraduate students and people who are simply passionate about robotics. This is a kind of "testing ground" for various research and solving applied problems.