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International cooperation


Together with China and Armenia, a project is being implemented to support the development of deep learning technologies and computer modeling in order to search for promising chemical compounds for the development of drugs against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. (Under a Grant from the Association of International Scientific Organizations (ANSO))

A joint project was completed with the Republic of Uzbekistan to develop a complex for screening diseases of the cardiovascular system based on artificial intelligence methods.

Work is underway to develop image processing systems for medical and special purposes and create electronic maps of the area.

As part of joint projects with China, digital analogues of robotic systems have been created, some of which have been materially implemented.

As part of international projects supported by the BRFFR, the institute took part in 18 projects. The main partners in these projects were scientific centers from the People's Republic of China, Uzbekistan, Armenia, and Russia. Work has begun within the framework of such projects with the Republic of Cuba.

From June 12 to December 12, 2023, Jin Chang, associate professor of the School of Automation at Xi'an University of Technology (PRC), completed an internship at the institute. As a result of research under the guidance of the head. Laboratory of Doctor of Technical Sciences S.V. Medvedev developed models for the technological process of growing a silicon single crystal. The results of the work were presented at the National Supercomputer Forum (RF).

In May 2023, a series of online lectures by scientists from the Joint Institute for Industrial Problems of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus was organized and conducted for specialists from the Tianjin Institute of Advanced Technologies (PRC). The number of listeners at each lecture averaged about 3,000 people.