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International cooperation

In 2019, the laboratories of OIPI NAS of Belarus continued cooperation with foreign universities and research centers and organizations.

Researchers continued to work on several international programs and projects:

EaPCONNECT project within the framework of the European program HORIZON-2020 “Providing access to a high-speed reliable network for the implementation of research, research and educational programs between the Eastern Partnership region and Europe”;

project within the framework of CRDF grant No. DAA3-18-64818 “Database and portal on multidrug-resistant tuberculosis in the Republic of Belarus - year 7”;

PLATON” ERA-NET project “Planning Process and Tool for Step-by-Step Conversion of the Conventional or Mixed Bus Fleet to a 100% Electric Bus Fleet”.

The Institute takes part in the implementation of 1 project of the Belarusian Republican Foundation for Basic Research with foreign partners.

Joint research continued on the basis of agreements on scientific cooperation without funding with France, Poland, Russia, Germany, Slovakia, Italy.

Head By the department, A. Belotserkovsky, as the National Contact Point of the Republic of Belarus for Space Technologies, took part in many activities of the European Union related to the development of this field of science.

Methods, algorithms and programs developed in the course of international projects are applied in scientific developments implemented at enterprises of the Republic of Belarus.

In total, in 2019, Institute employees traveled abroad 86 times. Among the purposes of business trips was participation in conferences, seminars and symposiums with reports and messages, the implementation of joint scientific work with foreign scientists, participation in meetings to discuss possible cooperation, and presenting the Institute's developments at international exhibitions. The most significant were the participation of the Institute's scientists in the International Symposium on Infectology and Applications (PRC), in the Symposium on Computer Arithmetic ARITH-26 (Japan), in the International Congress CARS-2019 (France), in the International Conference “Conference and Labs of the Evaluation Forum "(Switzerland). Institute researchers V.A. Gaiko and V.V. Starovoitov went to lecture courses at the invitation of foreign research centers and universities.

During the year, the institute was visited by 49 delegations consisting of representatives of foreign research centers and companies. The largest number of delegations were from the People's Republic of China (18). The purpose of the visits was to familiarize themselves with the scientific developments of the institute in order to consider the possibilities of scientific and technical cooperation. Also, the institute held discussions on joint projects, summing up the implementation of work under international treaties, foreign experts took part in international events held at the institute. In total, the Institute was visited by 170 representatives of foreign scientific centers and business circles.

Among the contacts with the Belarusian scientific diaspora abroad, it should be noted relations with the professor of Malaysian University SunWay University, Dean of the Higher Scientific and Technological School of the University Demidenko S.N. (former head of the Center for International Cooperation OIPI NAS of Belarus).

In 2019, the Institute took part in 2 international exhibitions abroad:

Exhibition “High Technologies. Innovation Investments ”(HI-TECH) (March 11-14, 2019, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation);

exhibition in the framework of the 2nd Forum of the Regions of Belarus and Ukraine (October 1-4, 2019, Zhytomyr, Ukraine).

The Institute also participated in international and national exhibitions held in the Republic of Belarus:

XXVI International Specialized Exhibition “TIBO-2019” (April 9-12, 2019, Minsk, Republic of Belarus)

29th International Specialized Exhibition BELAGRO-2019 (June 4-9, 2019, Minsk, Republic of Belarus);

Exhibition "Young Academy - IT Country" (April 24-25, 2019, Minsk, Republic of Belarus);

SMART PATENT '19 Innovation Ideas Fair (December 11-12, 2019, Minsk, Republic of Belarus);

an exhibition of achievements and the most significant results of scientific, technical and innovative activities in the Republic of Belarus, as part of the celebration of the Day of Belarusian Science;

An exhibition of promising scientific developments in intelligent information systems and technologies within the framework of the XVIII International Conference “Development of Informatization and the State System of Scientific and Technical Information (RINTI-2019)” (November 21, 2019, Minsk, Republic of Belarus).

For active participation in exhibitions, the Institute was awarded 4 diplomas of the participant. Based on the results of participation, a Memorandum on scientific and technical cooperation in the field of information technology was signed.

The Institute successfully cooperates with foreign partners. The scientists of the UIIP have mutual research with scientific centers and universities of Russia, Ukraine and many other countries. They also participate in many European Research Programs. Within 10 years many projects were developed under INTAS program and also under the financial support of International Science and Technology Centre (ISTC). Also UIIP took part in the project of COPERNICUS, STACCIS, UNESCO, and NATO.

The national branches of the Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE), International Association for Pattern Recognition (IAPR), European Union of Research Operation (EURO) are functioning at the UIIP.

Individual Membership in International organizations:

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers;

Institution of Electrical Engineers;

American Mathematical Society;

International Association of Pattern Recognition;

New-York Academy of Sciences;

International Academy of Information Technologies;

European Association on Speech Communication