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БИСРС (Белорусская интегрированная сервисно-расчетная система и биометрические документы)   

Libraries activity automation corporate system based on BIT-2000u Internet technologies

Libraries activity automation corporate system based on BIT-2000u Internet technologies

Developer company: The United Institute for Informatics Problems of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

Contact persons: R.B. Gigrianiets; tel. 284-25-26; e-mail:

Product brief description:
BIT-2000u provides the creation of integrated information systems of individual libraries and both corporate library systems and digital libraries based on Internet technologies.

System functions:

  • automation of traditional functions of library activity, such as: administration; funds acquisition and stocktaking; cataloging, authority control and catalogues maintenance; readers registration, books ordering and delivering;
  • creation and maintenance of online electronic catalogs with remote network Internet access, which enables simultaneous access of a large number of users, fast multifaceted search of records according to various criteria, remote order for the documents issue from depository to lending library and reading rooms;
  • access to electronic catalogs under Z39.50 international protocol with a standardized query language for information search;
  • remote Internet order, search and documents e-delivery from available to the library fund and information resources;
  • using of BELMARC format or UNIMARC and RUSMARC compatible formats for bibliographic and authority or regulatory records;
  • various technologies of cataloging systems’ work   and adjustment of bibliographic and authority records either directly to the electronic catalog or to local files;
  • creating and using the authority records for semantic processing and indexing of bibliographic records;
  • corporate cataloging and maintenance of the combined electronic catalog;
  • support of many languages and accents in bibliographic and authority records through the use of Unicode;
  • support of URLs to electronic resources and documents stored locally or remotely on the WWW-network;
  • import and export of bibliographic and authority records in UNIMARC-formats;
  • possibility to copy the ready-to-use bibliographic records from the Consolidated Electronic Catalog of libraries of Belarus and of the electronic catalogs of other libraries in Belarus in BELMARC format or under Z39.50 protocol from libraries of Russia and other countries.

Main advantages:
The system was developed on the basis of MARC- library activity international standards, modern operating systems (Windows 2000 / XP / 2003) and a multi-user database management system Oracle 9i / 10g, that can be installed on any computer platform and network environment.
BIT-2000u provides great opportunities both for library staff and readers. The system is flexible to be adjusted to libraries technological requirements and to search interfaces; has the potential to expand the list of tasks that can be solved by a library.
Due to the use of the UNIMARC-compatible data formats the system can handle and store different types of text documents: books, pamphlets, periodicals and serials, dissertations, journal and newspaper articles, manuscripts, antique publications, reports, standards, patents and other scientific and technical documents. The system also allows cataloging the  specific types of documents: maps, music, audio and video recordings, visual and graphic materials, electronic resources.

Field of application:
The system is designed for use in large and medium-sized libraries, funds and archives. A part of the system can also be used for the creation of information systems and bibliographic databases of various subjects for scientific and research institutions and universities.

Stages of development:
The system was designed and developed in the years 1998-2010. On its basis problem-oriented automated systems of information search and information support of various activities were created. ALIS BIT-2000u is implemented and commercially operated by the Yakub Kolas Central Scientific Library of NAS of Belarus, the Republican Scientific and Technical Library of the State Committee on Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus, the Scientific and Technical Library of the Belarusian Railways. The combined electronic catalog of Belarusian libraries (was put into trial operation in 2009) and Scientific Electronic Library of National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (since 2009) was created with the help of the system. The information system of the Institute of History of NAS of Belarus, as well as several thematic bibliographic databases in a variety of NAS institutions were developed on the basis of BIT-2000u.

Forms of cooperation:
System developers can provide its installation and adaptation to the customer’s needs, specialists training, methodical and software support, participation in the further development.

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