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Personal supercomputer with minimized noise level

Personal supercomputer with minimized noise level

Developer company: The United Institute for Informatics Problems of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

Contact persons:  A.M. Krishtofik, 284-29-06,; N.N. Paramonov, 284-21-41,

Product brief description:
Cooling the servers by heat pipes became quite popular. In 2010, the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus UIIP together with JSC "NIIEVM" developed a personal supercomputer with cooling system working on heat pipes ("SKIF-PSK"cluster). The heat pipes are being used in the cluster to create more efficient cooling systems, reduce energy consumption and noise generated by forced cooling fans (by reducing the number of fans). The computational nodes and other modules of the "SKIF-PSK" cluster (image 1 A) are assembled at 19 " post of in-house design of 20 U height. The cluster is provided with the autonomous forced cooling system for components and modules. The heat removal out of the servers of computational nodes and the cluster’s control node is implemented on the basis of domestic server heat pipes.   Server heat pipes are connected with domestic heat pipes of cooling rack cluster via the heat removers.

Personal supercomputer with reduced noise level
Рис. 1. А) The prototype of the cluster «ПСК-СКИФ». Б) Server on domestic heat pipesх

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