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Corporate grid-network

Corporate grid-network

Developer company: The United Institute for Informatics Problems of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus
Contact persons: O. P. Chizh; tel. 284-21-41,
Product brief description:
Construction of corporate grid networks of particular thematic focus has its peculiarities. The need for the focus detection arises when the analysis of the overall needs of various corporate users of computing resources is made. For example there is no need to install an enhanced security system of grid network when a corporate network has no Internet access, or when a large part of the required functionality can be implemented using network services similar to the Web-services. In this case the implementation of grid network using Unocore software technology is unpractical, but it is necessary to standardize the use of procedures remote access technology (xml-rpc, jax-rpc, etc.), creation of web- and, file-services and the use of task scheduler. The results of this trend may be used in the construction of GRIG-Network for a specific customer. For example, this type of technology was used in the construction of the DaimlerCrysler grid network to work with the LS-DYNA engineering package. Similar technologies can be used for typical grid applications, such as solving the problem of high dimensionality enumeration or choosing the optimal variant problem.
National full-range grid network of the Republic of Belarus meets the world standard and is implemented into European grid infrastructure. It contains:

  • Resource centers based on supercomputing resources of UIIP NASB, the Joint Institute for Power and Nuclear Research - Sosny, Belarusian State University, Belarusian National Technical University, Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno and resource center based on BSUIR personal computers with application software for solving engineering, bioinformatics, medicine, high-energy physics, physics and mathematics problems.
  • Certification Center that provides the work of public key infrastructure that serves the use and provision of grid resources in the Republic of Belarus through public key authentication.
  • Operational Centre of the National grid network, which provides national grid infrastructure management and support.
  • The pilot samples of high performance segmentation system, structural analysis, indexing and retrieval of medical images on the basis of grid technologies to meet the challenges of the preliminary diagnosis of diseases (SAMI-GRID).
  • Grid network telecommunications infrastructure based on high-speed section of BASNET basic network.
  • Repository of distribution disks and UNICORE grid project software. The mirr or repository of gLite grid project software as a part of the repository of OS distributions, middleware and a repository of middleware development.

Main advantages:

  • increasing of personal computers workload from 15 to 85-90%;
  • no need to purchase additional computing resources;
  • low power consumption for shared computing resources;
  • decreasing of ownership total cost.
Field of application:
Solution of scientific and resource consuming tasks of organization and industry.
Stages of development:
Acceptance tests have been conducted. Design and program documentation labeled as O1. The product is in operation.
Forms of cooperation:
Development, setting and putting into operation are on the customer's request. Product efficiency is on customer’s requirement.

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