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Diskan-M hardware and software complexes

Diskan-M hardware and software complexes

Responsible investigator: Gert I. Alekseev;

Field of application: cartography, geodesy, municipal services;

Concise description, main features: Fragmentary input of wide-screen documents from hard and flexible mediums. Windows XP (and newer) OS, 300-600 dpi scan resolution, size A0 scan time takes 15-20 minutes. Topographic plan scan time takes no more than 5 minutes.

Novelty:  The product has no analogues in CIS countries. With 300 dpi scan resolution scanned fragments matching accuracy is 1-2 px.  

Degree of product availability: Experimental model with Discan-M system documentation package has been designed.

Instrument for cooperation:  Execution of works on contractual basis in compliance with orders.

The main advantages of product implementing:  Digitization of paper archives. Quick access to data.

Approximate cost:  From 20 million Belarusian rubles (approximately 900 Euros on April 2016) depending on packaging arrangement.

Contacts:  Scientific Secretary– Oleg V. Gorokh, tel.: 8 (017) 284-21-76;
Responsible researcher – Gert I. Alekseev tel.: 8 (017) 284-21-60.

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