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The system “Electronic document”

The system “Electronic document”

Main functionality: creation, viewing, editing, checking, endorsement and confirmation of electronic documents; given route passing control; management of electronic documents registration; archiving  of electronic documents; control of units activities execution in the field of electronic documents; the use  of electronic digital signature technology at all stages of electronic documents processing.

Developer : The State Scientific Institution “The United Institute for Informatics Problems of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus”

Contact person: Victor Samsomov,

Product brief description:
Creation of:
•    the system for documenting of administrative and engineering  solutions;
•    electronic information domain for company documents;
•    interactive technical manuals of a product.

Organization of:
•    libraries of electronic documents for manufactured and purchased products;
•    information exchange with the related electronic technical and administrative documents;
•    continuous technology of information flow about a product during its life cycle

Standardization of:
•    forms of provided information on a product;
•    product electronic model description;
•    engineering processes description;
•    manufacturing processes description.

Regulation of:
•    the rights and duties of the employees involved in the design and documentation on electronic documents of technical and organizational solutions;
•    the status of each participant of documentation process;
•    the use  of keys for the creation  of the electronic digital signature of documents.

Main advantages:
•    the use of software and databases standardized structure;
•    the use of the unified rules of the complex structural construction;
•    the use of a standardized database structures and data processed by programs;
•    the use of standardized information presentation structures (the use of XML- for electronic documents);
•    the use of interface standardized rules of   software and databases interaction with the external environment;
•    the possibility of complex flexible adjustment on the enterprise structure specificity.

Field of application:
Industrial enterprises, organizations and enterprises with great documentation volume.

Development stage:
The development is completed. Project documentation is available in the developer’s archive.

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