A team of young researchers of UIIP NASB under the leadership of V.A.Kovalev

A team of young researchers of UIIP NASB and undergraduates of Belarusian State University under the leadership of Dr V.A.Kovalev,
the Head of a Laboratory of UIIP NASB, became the winners of the International competition of student scientific papers "Black Sea Science 2021" in the nomination
"Information technology, automation and robotics" (http://isc.onaft.edu.ua/?lang=ru).

International Jury, which included  the representatives of Poland, Angola, USA, Benin, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Belarus,
Kazakhstan and Ukraine, highly appreciated their scientific work, and awarded 1st place.

A total of 69 works from 9 countries of the world took part in the competition in the "Information Technology,
Automation and Robotics" nomination.
The work submitted for the competition - "The support for the diagnostics of
prostate cancer based on full-slide histological imaging analysis and deep learning methods."


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