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High-speed device for data cryptographic security

High-speed device for data cryptographic security

Developer company: The State Scientific Institution “The United Institute for Informatics Problems of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus”
Contact person: Viktor SAmsonov. tel. 284-21-25, e-mail:

Product brief description:
Product  provides:
  • Blocking  the conveyed data with the help of 28147-89 Encryption State Standard;
  • Integrity of the conveyed data;
  • Prevention of illegal access to data;
  • Secured subnetworks creation;
  • Prevention of illegal access to devise resources

The device can work both independently as fibre-optic network controller and nteractively with any network adapters that support TCP/IP protocols stack. The device includes single-board cryptographic adapter and special basic software in Windows OS.
The adapter is designed on the basis of highly integrated schemes in connection with PCI bus standard (2.1 and 2.2 specification). On adapter card there are: random numbers physical sensor, nonvolatile memory of core information stirage, interface and dataflow encoding circuits.

Technical features:
IP-packages tunnel encoding to close traffic in open public networks.
Data encoding is carried out in accordance with 28147-89 State Standards in all modes.
Generation of encryption keys using hardware components
The device provides encoding speed of 5-40 megabytes per second depending on the circuitry applied.

Main advantages:

  • Codified files are transmitted to computer network users.
  • IP-packages tunnel encoding to close traffic in open public networks.
  • Encoding rapidity.
  • Each IP-package is encoded on a new key.
  • Extra security of core information.

Field of application:
Highly secure computer networks
Development stage:
The development is completed.

Высокоскоростное устройство криптографической защиты информации

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