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Национальная академия наук Беларуси


Грид-сеть высокопроизводительных вычислительных ресурсов Национальной академии наук Беларуси   

Портал рейтинговой оценки качества оказания услуг организациями Республики Беларусь   

БИСРС (Белорусская интегрированная сервисно-расчетная система и биометрические документы)   

Main results

Systems and software complexes

Division "Modeling of Intelligent Processes":

  • Software-methodical complex for computer aided design of technological processes and dies of cold sheet forging and technological support of bearing rings manufacturing, methodical and software tools for CAD of technological processes in assembly-welding manufacturing;
  • EXSYLOR -an expert system for logical recognition;
  • L O C O N-experimental system of automated design of logical control devices;
  • SCAS - Silicon Compiler of National Academy of Sciences of Belarus;
  • Computer diagnosis and planning of maxillodental anomaly treatment;
  • Decision support system in CAD/CAE/CAM of transmissions;
  • Software for Computer-Aided Design of Welding-Assembly Jigs and Fixtures;
  • The projects on computed gas- and hydrodynamics proposed for introduction;
  • Project B-477 ISTC "Development of self- organization methods in complex systems for exploring problems of physical structures formation and signal recognition in ecological monitoring tasks"
  • Project B 095 ISTC "Theory and methods of discrete dynamic systems in digital signal processing applications"
  • Project Proposal "Development of the models, numerical methods and algorithms of computer modeling gas dynamical flows into machine constructions"
  • Project Proposal "Development of Non-linear Dynamics Methods for Medical Diagnostics based on Encephalogram and Speech Recognition"

    Division "Modeling of Image Synthesis and Recognition Processes:

  • System for automatic vectorization and interpretation of map-drawing images;
  • System for automatic input and recognition of engineering drawings;
  • Analyser of medical images for differential cytological diagnosis of thyroid diseases;
  • Face identification system;
  • Remote sensing image processing system;
  • Tools for the creation of geoinfornation systems and technologies for remote sensing image processing.

    Division "Information Technologies and Systems:

  • Supercomputer “SKIF-1000”
  • Supercomputer unut K-500
  • Decision making support system for during tender or purchase procedure;
  • System for the decision making support during analysis and multi-objective selection of perspective product types;
  • System for the ergonomic expertise of vehicles;
  • Software for the modeling of ergonomic parameters with the aid of 3D human body model;
  • System for the modelling and estimation of operator efficiency indices in normal and emergency situations;
  • SYSTEM " Protection of the documents ";
  • Electronic voting system;
  • Indicator board of current number registered and voted;
  • Photoplotter "POLYTONE-IP";
  • Hardware-software system for digitizing of large size images;
  • Development of risk estimation technology for ischemic heart disease and essential hypertension based on creating a non-invasive automated diagnostics complex of a microcirculation state.