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Vyacheslav S. Tanaev

Vyacheslav S. TanaevVyacheslav S. Tanaev was born on March 28, 1940, in Akulovo, Tver region, Russian Federation. He obtained his high education from the Crimea Pedagogical Institute in 1962, and received his Candidate of Sciences (PhD Equivalent) degree for his work on scheduling from the Institute of Mathematics of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (NASB) in 1965. The degree of Doctor of Sciences (Habilitated Doctor) was awarded to V.S. Tanaev after a successful defense of the thesis on parametric decomposition of optimization problems at the Computer Center of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Moscow, in 1977. In 1963 Vyacheslav Tanaev started to work at the NASB, sequentially taking positions of a PhD student, a researcher and a head of a laboratory. In 1987 he became the director of the Institute of Engineering Cybernetics (United Institute of Informatics Problems of NASB since 2002), and in 2000 was elected a full member of NASB, which is the highest scientific rank in the states of the former Soviet Union. Scientific heritage of Vyacheslav Tanaev includes more than 130 research publications among which there are 10 monographs. His scientific interests included scheduling theory, discrete and continuous optimization, computer aided design; he coordinated research in geoinformation systems, development of super-computers, application of informatics to medicine. He supervised 18 Candidates of Sciences among which 6 became Doctors of Sciences.


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Papers about V.S. Tanaev:

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